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Buddies & Umpires

Safety First—Playing Baseball—Having Fun—Encouragement

Can't wait to see everyone!


100 Volunteers are needed each game day, (Buddies & Umpires).    MLP is grateful to everyone who has helped over the last 5 years, we met that goal.  People helped out at One Game a Season or  Every Week all Summer long.  Without your help, it’s not as much fun.


We get the word  out through the Observer, MLP newsletter and Facebook.  But really what has been the best strategy comes from our Volunteers.  After a game, they tell people that it was a great day.  Players’ families show up ready to help out.  So, if we could ask everyone to reach out to your circle of friends.  Thank you.  Here’s the information on Volunteer.


Be a Buddy / Umpire, 2 parts


1.Volunteer Waiver: www.miracleleagueplymouth.org/waiver.html

·         Fill out the 2018 Online Volunteer Waiver.

·         A new form is required each year. 

·         A Parent’s signature is required for Volunteer under 18. 

·         Sign up today


2. Sign Up, (formerly Volunteer Spot:  Baseball Games Schedule that are available, will be posted in April

You’ll be able  to sign up for days and times: 


·         Buddies:  Minimum Age - 10

·         Large Groups:

1.        If you would like to reserve a time in advance for your group to Buddy, designate a contact person. 

2.       Each volunteer in the group will sign an Online Waiver. 

3.       Day of game, bring a list of each volunteer in your group.

·         Need Volunteer Hours? We will happily sign-off on any volunteer hours log the day-of.  

·         Please do not sign up to be a Buddy unless you know for sure that you’ll be there.   

If someone has to cancel, please do that on “Sign Up, formerly, Volunteer Spot as quickly as possible

·         Game Day:  Check in at Concession Stand. 


·         Questions: info@miracleleagueplymouth.org


·         More information, Buddies FAQ:  www.miracleleagueplymouth.org/index.php?q=buddies


·         Video:  “Do You Want to be a Buddy”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JIrQoGP57g&t=40s

·         Video: “Helpers”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpDVItD9Q7w

·         MLP You Tube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/MiracleLeaguPlymouth