Every One Plays

Isn't everything more fun when everyone has the chance to play?
The Miracle League will enrich the lives of children with disabilities as well as their families and their communities. It demonstrates to children with disabilities that they are not limited by their disability but can take the advantage of such an opportunity to play America’s favorite pass time baseball, just like their brothers, sisters and friends. When a kid crosses home plate it gives their parents such joy to see their child play baseball just like all other boys and girls. The community achieves much when it works together to produce such an outstanding project as a Miracle League and a Miracle League Field. “When you see the smiling faces and the gleam in their eyes you ask yourself two questions, “How quickly can we build more Miracle League Complexes?” and “What have we done lately to make a difference, in a child’s life.” Diane Alford, National Exec. Director, The Miracle League, Conyers, Ga.


The rules are simple. Any boy or girl who is not blessed with the wholeness of body or mind could play. Everybody gets to bat and everybody gets to hit the ball one way or another. Frank Deford

As we hope for the best in them, hope is reborn in us. Eunice Shriver

Athletes of the world, you promised you would play fair and you did. … And finally to those who have watched us all over the globe, we hope you enjoyed these Games and the telling of our humble Canadian story. The young men and women you sent here are coming home. You can be very proud of them. The Games will have many wonderful legacies. I wish but for one. That every Canadian child - be they from Chicoutimi, Moncton, Grand Prairie, Sqamish or Niagara Falls - will have the chance to grow up to experience the pleasure of sport - no one left out. And that we of the global Olympic family will not rest until the right of every child to play across this planet is secured. John Furlong CEO, Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, Closing Ceremony Speech