Rules & Regulations: Non-Competitive Teams


  • Each player receives a team uniform and baseball hat.
  • Each player gets to bat each inning.
  • Each player gets to circle the bases to score a run each inning.
  • Every Player scores and is never called “Out”.
  • Two innings per team per game.
  • Game time = 1 hour and 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Each player has an assigned buddy for each game.
  • Teams consist of no more than 13/14 players.
  • Each player receives a medal at the end of the season.
  • Teams use a 9 in. soft-core safety baseballs with synthetic cover or wiffle balls may be used.
  • Games are canceled in event of rain or inclement weather.
  • An umpire covers each game to call players safe on first and home.
    • Enthusiasm is necessary in this position; they must help make the game FUN.
  • Coaches are to huddle the children before the start of each game.
    • In order to get the players excited about the game. 
  • Reminder that the Buddies are there for three (3) reasons.
    • Protect the Miracle League Players
    • Assist the Miracle Leaguer Players, but assist only as needed

Allowing the Miracle League player the opportunity to play as much as possible.