Friends, Families & Fans

Thanks to Renee Carrigan, Kelly Hermann and Trish Wolfe for being the go-to parents for this page, “The Bleachers” on Facebook 

This page is dedicated to Friends, Families and Fans (F3) of the Miracle League of Plymouth. 

 In the Spring, Summer and Fall, F3 can be found at MLP, the Bilkie Family Field, 357 Theodore, gathered around the baseball field.  Once in awhile, they even have a chance to sit in the bleachers and watch their children play ball. 

When people share a bleacher seat, magical things happen:  conversations start, friendships start, information is shared, and quite often solutions are found to any problem that we may have that day.  But once you make a friend at a baseball field, something amazing happens: the real celebration begins.  At Miracle League Baseball, there is a lot of cheering.  Not just for our own children, for every person who goes out on the field hoping to hit the ball.  Lots of cheering.  Lots of excitement. 

However, since we live in Michigan and we can’t always be out at the ball field, “The Bleachers” is a place for Families and Friends to gather, share information, solve a problem or two, and celebrate the good parts of our lives.


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PARENTS want their children to be able to play, to be part of a team … and to be chosen for the team … with enthusiasm. At a Miracle League game, parents can be a buddy or sit in the bleachers and watch their children play baseball. They can be helpers on the field or part of the cheering section.

Nine boys to a side, four already chosen, ten positions left, and the captains look us over. They choose the popular ones fast … and now the choice is hard because we’re all so much the same, not so hot – and then they are going to their last grudging choices, a show kid for catcher and someone to stick out in right field where nobody hits. … Just once I’d like Daryl to pick me first. I’ve never been chosen with any enthusiasm. Garrison Keillor

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass.” “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. “We’re raising boys.” Harmon Killebrew

Rich, Alex, Dawn

Rich, Alex, Dawn